Terrazzo Cleaning

Wickey Terrazzo knows gigantic way of cleaning the terrazzo floors, and that is professional. It is also equally important to state here that our polishing with waxing follows up with applying sealer brings novelty look. This will last for longer period. We can clean your terrazzo floors to make total satisfaction to you / customers. You may amaze that it is look like brand new again.

We have over many years experience of hard floor cleaning and polishing service

  • Vinyl
  • Marble
  • Terrazzo
  • Stone and other synthetic floor coverings.

You will need the following equipment to properly maintain a terrazzo surface.

  • Clean dust mop
  • Clean cotton string mop
  • Neutral cleaner
  • Chemical Stripper
  • A Mop Bucket
  • Ameri polish daily cleaner
  • Microfiber applicator